Outdoor new player

Main Types

Outdoor P3, P4

Size: 820mm*1850mm*80mm

Outdoor high resolution led display

Lighting Pole LED Display

Intelligent Control

With the LAN, wifi, 3G intelligent management core modules inside, the advertisement show can be easily manage – by you!

Time and labor-saving

Once it is installed, its advertising content can be changed at any time, unlike those traditional static billboards which need to be disassembled frequently, it is of high time and labor savings

High IP Level

With front/back IP level 65/54 , screen can be use outdoor even against bad weather

Easy maintenance

Side-open and back-open maintenance render it more flexible

Main Types

S68-I3, S68-I4, S68-I5, S68-I6

Outdoor Products

Outdoor fixed installation

Outdoor Full Color LED Display –Most Popular

We use the new manufacturing and packaging technology to produce the outdoor display; featuring waterproof, weatherproof, pressure resisting, heat resisting etc.

Automatic lamp correction and lamp mix technology help to generate vivid pictures and videos;

Ergonomically designed for easy installation and dismantlement help saves time and labor costs

Save 45% energy with the intelligent power technology which can reduce the cost and protect the environment

Main Types

Real pixel : P6, P8, P10, P12, P16, P20

Rental & Stage Products

Flexible LED Screen

Light weight, slim, transparent and special structure design, it can realize any curved and creative

installation horizontally and vertically; The quick-lock design ensure that it’s very easy to install and disassemble; reaches IP65, and can be used for indoor and outdoor

Cabinet Size: 320*1280mm


Indoor/outdoor stage show, large-scale performance, celebration, and the creative design for clubs, etc.

Main Types

PH10, PH20

Stadium Display

LED Perimeter Display

Main Types

S-P10, S-P16, S-P20.