Small-pitch HD LED Display

1. Cabinet size :480(W)*480H)*75(D)mm

2. Light-weight -8.9kg

3. Easy to move and assemble, without any tools seamless, flatness

4. Low power consumption: only about 160W/m2

5 Silence without fan, zero noise, automatic heat dissipation

6.Power supply and control card doubled backup, automatically switching between module upon malfunction

Main Types

P2, P2.5

Full Color Super-slim LED Display

1. Super-slim 62mm

2. Light-weight: Indoor 7kgs; Outdoor 7.9kgs.

3.Totally tool free, seamless, flat-joint

4. Fan free with totally noiseless power supply

5. With silica gel on cabinet, quick heat radiation

6. Low power consumption

7. High refresh rate

Main Types

Indoor: P3.91, P4.81, P5.68, P6.25

Outdoor: P4.81, P6.25